COP27 hybrid event: Utilising expertise of the youth to bridge the science-policy divide and improve access to finance

Join us at COP27 for an official side event exploring the role of youth engagement.

Climate Protest
10 Nov 2022
18:30-20:00 EET
Sharm el-Sheikh International Convention Centre (SHICC), Room Osiris

Young people have been pivotal in elevating a number of critical issues to the forefront of political agendas, through a combination of activism, advocacy and thought leadership.

However, it is paramount that all barriers to further youth engagement and agency are reduced or eliminated to establish, highlight and advance the youth agenda at all levels of political engagement. The benefits of youth inclusion in decision-making rest on the fact that they possess perspective, knowledge and expertise which can engage lawmakers to produce the required structural change for tackling the emerging climate issues.

The event will feature an intergenerational dialogue between lawmakers and young leaders and will provide case studies from across the world (with perspectives from developed and developing countries, SIDS and LDCs). The conversation will be solution-oriented and will be held in the context of bridging the science-policy divide and improving access to climate finance, with identification of barriers and opportunities.


  • Danae Kyriakopoulou, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (Moderator)
  • Cedrick Frolick, National Assembly, South Africa
  • Stephen de Boer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change, Canada
  • Sarabeth Brockley, NASDAQ, USA
  • Andrea Clayton, Caribbean Maritime University, Jamaica
  • Kirils Holstovs, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, UK
  • Amira Saber MP, Secretary General of the Foreign Relations Committee, Egypt 

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This event is a COP27 official side event and organised by:

Supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

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