The ACU has over 500 member universities in 50 countries across the Commonwealth. 66% of our members are in low and middle income countries, and 5% are in small states.

Our network covers over 10 million students and more than 1 million academic and professional staff.

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Higher education and the SDGs

Universities are the key to healthier, greener, fairer societies. None of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be achieved without the contribution of higher education – through research, teaching, and community engagement. Find out how we're building a better world through higher education.

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Global challenges

Through vital research and inspirational teaching, universities are already helping to build a world that is happier, healthier and more sustainable for all.

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International collaboration

International collaboration in higher education leads to breakthroughs in knowledge, the free exchange of ideas, and enduring bonds between institutions and nations. But it begins with connections between people.

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Access and inclusion

Tackling socioeconomic disparities, and levelling the playing field, calls for equality of opportunity – to learn, to lead, to progress, and to thrive.

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Supporting research

University research changes lives for the better. It informs and enables evidence-based policy making, yields advances in science and medicine, and finds solutions to global challenges.

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Strengthening universities

Strong universities are a cornerstone of strong societies, and make a vital contribution to the social, economic and cultural development of every nation. 

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