Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort

Developing climate research leaders through an applied, peer-led training programme - part of the British Council's  Going Global Partnerships.

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In responding to the ever-deepening climate crisis, there has been a notable shift in the international research funding landscape. In their efforts to rapidly develop solutions and mitigate risks from climate change, funders are increasingly calling for research that is action-oriented, needs-driven, and transdisciplinary (see, for example, the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA). However, transdisciplinary research is complex, requiring significant resource investment in the development of diverse skill sets, as well as partnerships that span disciplinary and sectoral boundaries. To respond to this shift, researchers from all fields of study need support to develop the necessary capabilities and partnerships required for the successful co-creation of research and knowledge.  

Understanding this, the ACU has developed the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort. The Cohort programme is designed to support a pipeline of early career researchers, from Commonwealth countries, with the necessary capacities to contribute to climate action research. With a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, an applied training programme supports these researchers to co-create a research project through active participation of policy and/or practice stakeholders. During this process, international and transdisciplinary research partnerships will be established, enhancing opportunities to co-produce impactful knowledge. 

Through this innovative programme model, the ACU is responding to an identified need within the international research community and contributes to our mission of building a better world through higher education. The programme also responds to the ACU’s commitment to the Adaptation Resilience Alliance, a global coalition committed to a new paradigm of adaptation research for impact. 

The Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort programme is part of the British Council's Going Global Partnerships, which aims to builds stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems. 

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Commonwealth Climate Resilience Network

With many Commonwealth countries on the frontline of climate change, the ACU Commonwealth Climate Resilience Network (CCRN) is working to build resilience within universities and their wider communities. 

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