Universities, sport and inclusion

Sport has the power to drive change in local communities and beyond.


Universities change lives – not just through research and education, but also through engaging with their local communities. They are an essential part of the educational, economic, social and cultural fabric of society. 

Across the Commonwealth, universities are championing inclusion through sport – from student-led outreach initiatives to strengthening equality, diversity and inclusion policies, they are widening access and reducing inequality, on campuses and beyond.   

Sport has a unique power to bring people from different backgrounds together, with the potential to build on this to engage people in dialogue and action on equality, diversity and inclusion. By engaging with communities through sport, universities are well placed to have a positive impact on communities by raising awareness and advocating for change in areas such as public health, violence reduction, and community cohesion. 

Ahead of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – the world’s most inclusive, fair and progressive multi-sport event – the ACU, together with our partners, will be promoting the contribution that universities make to equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainable development through sport. 

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) works with our 500+ member universities on sustainable development through convening networks of students, academics and professional staff to collaborate through education, research and capacity building activities. The ACU also creates opportunities for mobility across international borders to share learning and develop partnerships. 

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on activities leading up to, during and after the Commonwealth Games 2022, so please continue to check this page regularly. 

Memorandum of Understanding 

The ACU and The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further collaboration around higher education and sport in the Commonwealth.  We will work together on joint activities leading up to, during and after the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, and work collaboratively on research, practitioner and educational activities in the area of sport for sustainable development.  

ACU Summer School 2022

We are delighted to announce that ACU member Leeds Trinity University, UK will host next year's ACU Summer School on Sport and regeneration: Driving sustainability, community and wellbeing.⠀

ACU Summer School is a transformative opportunity for students to connect across the Commonwealth. We look forward to seeing students from across the Commonwealth come together to forge meaningful collaborations and explore the power of sport for sustainable development.⠀

Applications open for students at ACU member universities early next year. Keep an eye on our ACU Summer School page for futures updates.

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