ACU Blue Charter Fellowships


The Commonwealth Blue Charter affirms our collective commitment to preserving and nurturing the world's oceans. Part of this includes tackling marine pollution – specifically the issue of marine plastics, which are drastically affecting the health of our oceans, marine life, and the Blue Economy.

Turtle - Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash 450px

ACU Blue Charter Fellowships support world-class research and innovation in marine plastics, by providing 35 academic fellows with 2-3 month placements at ACU member universities across the Commonwealth, as well as in industry.

These fellowships help fulfil the objectives of the Commonwealth Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework and the aims of the Commonwealth Blue Charter.

Research and research translation areas cover the broad area of marine plastics, including:

  • preventing plastics from getting into the sea
  • developing alternatives to plastics
  • the potential for cleaning up the seas
  • sustainable design
  • plastics waste management
  • green chemistry, including degradable polymers
  • the effects of plastics on aquatic life
  • education around plastics use and consumer behaviour
  • sociological and media approaches to plastics

Please note applications for these fellowships closed on Wednesday 7 November. 


For any queries about the fellowships, please contact