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VC Net 100
Strategies for employability and skills development: an evolving imperative
Internationalising the early career
HE, regionalism, and the ‘university city’
Author: Jay Kubler, Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: April 2011

VC Net 99
Competing for China – as China articulates its own plans
New universities: finding their fit in a diverse sector
Questioning quality
Lessons from a ten year funder partnership: a frank assessment from the US foundations
Author: Jonathan Harle, Nick Mulhern
Published: January 2011

VC Net 98
Uncertain times in English (and UK) higher education - the Browne Review & the Comprehensive Spending Review
National education systems: rethinking reforms, reconfiguring curricula, and reasserting values
Growing Knowledge: access to research in east and southern African universities
Managing the data deluge - e-infrastructure and e-research
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: November 2010

VC Net 97
Communicating the social sciences to society
Doctoral futures
Skills, labour and student mobility: developing HE policy
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: September 2010

VC Net 96
Shaping the strategy to 2020 – the World Bank’s education consultations
Tools for sustainable systems – ‘Financing Higher Education in Africa’
Rethinking the links between vocational and higher education
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: July 2010

VC Net 95
Universities and the Millennium Development Goals
What place for the humanities?
Academic libraries – responses to the economic crisis
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle, James Ransom
Published: May 2010

VC Net 94
Regional higher education areas: Bologna and beyond
The international academic workforce: sustaining and developing HE careers
Quality, performance and impact in Asia-Pacific
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: April 2010

VC Net 93
Internationalisation, development and the continued growth of African HE partnerships
Higher education for post-conflict transformation?
Defining academic freedom
Author: Nick Mulhern, Jonathan Harle
Published: March 2010

VC Net 92
World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE): Leading voices in education come together in Doha
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Key issues in Cross-Border Higher Education from the Observatory's 2009 Global Forum
Commonwealth Scholarships celebrate 50 years by looking to the future
The UK releases framework document for higher education and launches review of higher education funding
Author: John Tarrant, Veronica Lasanowski, James Ransom and Nick Mulhern
Published: December 2009

VC Net 91
Building capacity in Pakistan in the shadow of rising instability
HE Funding Strategies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK
Where does the Commonwealth sit in the 2009 World University Rankings?
ACU launches new website
Author: Nick Mulhern and Jay Kubler
Published: October 2009

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