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  • ACU Spotlight No 1 - Access to research in east and southern African universities Reports
  • Part of the ACU Spotlight series of briefing papers on international HE matters. Many universities in east and southern Africa have impressive online journal collections, but this is rarely the perception of researchers and students, who report that poor access hinders their work. What explains this mismatch, and how can it be addressed? This paper explores the threefold challenge of availability, access, and use of online journals, and considers the interrelated issues of technology, awareness, skills, and campus relationships to understand how access and use can be strengthened. It draws on research at four universities in the region, but its findings have wider relevance for universities across the continent.
  • Jonathan Harle
  • July 2011
  • access Africa Arcadia research
  • Research management
  • Unlocking the potential: new opportunities for Commonwealth libraries Reports
  • This first report of the ACU's Libraries and Information Network draws on a survey undertaken in 2008, and highlights the key role that libraries play, the challenges that they face, and their future potential. Libraries are delivering new and innovative services, are embracing changes in their role and responsibilities, and are securing greater support from within their institutions. They are doing this despite increasing pressures and growing demand. Substantial challenges remain, however; not least is the need for libraries and librarians to ensure that they are better positioned to make the most of new technologies.
  • Jonathan Harle
  • February 2009
  • access digital governance information libraries survey training
  • Research management