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  • Foundations for the future: supporting the early careers of African researchers Reports
  • This paper is a follow-up to The Nairobi Report, published by the British Academy and the Association of Commonwealth Universities in 2009. It offers an analysis of the challenges facing early career researchers in African universities, drawing on the discussions which led to the earlier Nairobi study, subsequent consultations, and on parallel work by other organisations. It identifies the key areas in which further support needs to be provided, and suggests ways in which new collaborative mechanisms might be designed in order to do this. The focus of this and the earlier Nairobi Report is on relationships between Africa and the UK, but much of what we discuss is undoubtedly relevant to research links within the African continent, as well as between Africa and other regions.
  • The Association of Commonwealth Universities The British Academy
  • February 2012
  • Africa early careers PhD research
  • Early careers