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  • ACU Spotlight No 4 - Academic staff salary survey 2012-2013 Reports
  • Part of the ACU Spotlight series of briefing papers on international HE matters. Most universities would readily acknowledge that their most valuable intellectual asset is their academic staff. It follows, therefore, that a key strategic concern for universities is the recruitment and retention of their faculty. While factors influencing this extend well beyond the simple question of remuneration, ensuring that salaries and associated benefits are both domestically and internationally attractive is, nevertheless, an important objective for higher education institutions and education ministries, and one to which the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) has devoted much attention for over a decade. Notably, since 1997 the ACU has produced a series of reports comparing international salary scales for academic staff since 1997 - the only longstanding, recurrent analysis of international academic salaries.
  • Emma Falk
  • October 2013
  • academics human resources membership salaries survey
  • Human resource management
  • Working in tandem: identifying and responding to the issues facing our members Reports
  • Report on the second survey conducted by the ACU on the issues and challenges facing institutions in its membership. It examines the importance of a number of key issues and developments, and the perceived usefulness of a range of activities in tackling these issues. Against this background, it considers the performance of the ACU's existing services in terms of awareness, use and value.
  • Jay Kubler John Tarrant
  • January 2010
  • membership survey
  • Unlocking the potential: new opportunities for Commonwealth libraries Reports
  • This first report of the ACU's Libraries and Information Network draws on a survey undertaken in 2008, and highlights the key role that libraries play, the challenges that they face, and their future potential. Libraries are delivering new and innovative services, are embracing changes in their role and responsibilities, and are securing greater support from within their institutions. They are doing this despite increasing pressures and growing demand. Substantial challenges remain, however; not least is the need for libraries and librarians to ensure that they are better positioned to make the most of new technologies.
  • Jonathan Harle
  • February 2009
  • access digital governance information libraries survey training
  • Research management