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  • ACU Spotlight No 2 - Building university partnerships for sustainable development Reports
  • Part of the ACU Spotlight series of briefing papers on international HE matters. Interuniversity partnerships in lower- and middle-income countries are increasingly recognised for their potential to address development challenges. This has opened a space for the ACU to play a facilitating and supporting role in helping to broker strong, effective partnerships that address development challenges and to identify good practice in partnerships. In turning towards such work, key questions arise: what is needed for developing country HEIs to better access project funding? How might the sustainability of projects be best improved? And how can joint ownership of projects with Southern partners be strengthened?
  • Liam Roberts Sarah Hinz
  • December 2011
  • Africa Unit collaboration DelPHE development sustainable
  • African higher education development and the international community Reports
  • This short paper outlines the African higher education (HE) development commitments and activities that have been initiated by major international partners between 2000 and 2004, with a particular focus on the G8 countries, but also including Scandinavian and Benelux partners. Projects are analysed by their thematic focus and by their regional focus in Africa, casting light on trends in donor country strategies and international trends. In detailing and comparing the thematic and regional strategies that each major external partner has followed in recent years, this paper provides insight as to how to help maximise HE support in a broader development context.
  • Liam Roberts
  • June 2005
  • Africa development
  • Internationalisation