Universities for our planet

A showcase for universities – and the people within them – to demonstrate how they are spearheading critical approaches to tackling climate change.

Researcher in lab coat examining leaves

Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity. As we face increasing climate concerns, universities are spearheading critical research and technological innovation, facilitating and disseminating essential learning, teaching the next generation of climate experts, supporting wider communities with outreach programmes, protecting vulnerable ecosystems, and more.

Universities are uniting for everyone, everywhere. They are uniting for the small island states facing rising sea levels, for the nations in the global south, for the farmers adapting to higher levels of rainfall - and for the person reading this. 

#UnisForOurPlanet was a campaign to show how universities – and the people within them – are uniting to tackle climate change. In the lead up to the COP26 conference, we collated stories from ACU members to highlight the important work happening across the Commonwealth. 

Explore the climate action stories below. 


Get to know the universities, researchers and students driving change. 

Female QECS scholar stood with clipboard in field next to male researcher crouched down inspecting plants
Fpic Photo 9 Guyana Ac Article Column@2X
Climate change adaptation strategies in the Caribbean
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Sandeeka Pic Cape Headshot
Integrating indigenous knowledge for climate change adaptation in academia: Dr Sandeeka Mannakkara
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Group of students crowd round map of Malaysia coastal region
Helping coastal communities build resilience to climate change
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UWI Centre For Advanced Research In Renewable Energy
From vulnerability to resilience: Caribbean higher education institutions actioning the call
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Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Documenting the effects of climate change on tourism in Kenya
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Aerial Shot Of West End, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Stock Photo
Climate change virtual visiting fellowship: sharing knowledge across borders
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Topical Island Coastline
Can small islands be sustainable?
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Climate change poster featuring a man standing on iceberg
Making Climate education accessible to all: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Sky Filled With Clouds
UK universities team up for clean air and better public health: The University of Birmingham
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Snipimage (2)
Climate justice for Vanniyalaththo: the tragic tale of the men of the jungle in Sri Lanka
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Constantinos Vassiliades onsite
How the sun and buildings can save the world
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Kenya Swarm of 40-50 million adult desert locust hits millet fields in dmall Kenyan village
Using insects to fight food insecurity: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology
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Photo of a Sri Lankan rainforest in the mist
Tackling climate change and addressing social inequality: cases from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Ghana
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Fernando Jorge Eibxnesl3 I Unsplash
From the frontlines of climate change: a perspective on climate justice
Marium Alleyne
Fatma Abdelaal
Beyond the technical aspects of sustainable urban development: Stakeholders’ different mindsets
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Mahendra Gooroochurn
Sustainability starts with the community
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Rufino Varea
Narratives of the Blue Economy
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Refilwe Mofokeng
Turning the tide against ocean pollution and climate change
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Andrea Clayton
Earth Ambassadeurs: ‘7Rs’ at a glance
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Freya Croft diving photo
Changing our relationship with the blue planet: Freya Croft
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Headshot Of Female CIRCLE Alumnus Mavis
Climate action for women, by women: Mrs Mavis Akuffobea-Essilfie
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Headshot Of CRICLE Researcher
Lifting voices in the fight against climate change: Dr Mercy Derkyi
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Catherine Akinbami with oil palm
Building climate resilience, one community at a time: Dr Catherine Abiola Akinbami
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Takunda Chitaka profile photo
We need to rethink the global waste trade: Dr Takunda Chitaka
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Headshot Of Blue Charter Fellow Salom
Finding local solutions to global problems: Dr Salom Gnana Thanga Vincent
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Rufino Varea in lab
Turning the tide against marine plastics pollution: Rufino Varea
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QECS Scholar In Greenhouse Tending To Plants
Simon Kiongo: transforming food security in agricultural communities and beyond
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Richter and stakeholders
Bridging cultural divides to build plastics-free communities: Dr Isabel Richter
Isabel Richter