Supporting European and African research and innovation partnerships, focused on food and nutrition security, and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA).

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LEAP4FNSSA aims to establish a sustainable platform for European and African institutions to partner on research and innovation around food and nutrition security, and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA).  

The ACU is a task co-leader for project monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment for LEAP4FNSSA, and contributes to the overall programme strategy through our membership on the Steering Committee.  

We also work to enhance the vitality of the partnership and ensure long-term collaboration by coordinating the development of a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, and evaluating projects supporting the AU-EU Partnership for food, nutrition security, and sustainable agriculture. 

LEAP4FNSSA’s overall objective is to assist the FNSSA Research & Innovation Partnership by mobilising, strengthening and using science, technology, and innovation (STIin relevant domainsThe programme builds on a large consortium of experienced partners, and its methodology is based on the core principles of innovation, long-term impact, and relevance of outputs to the high-level policy dialogue.  

LEAP4FNSSA was developed under the aegis of the High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) and its Bureau, and builds upon former EU funded projects such as RINEACAAST-Net Plus, and ProIntensAfrica.