University of Gibraltar Commonwealth Scholars

University Of Gibraltar

Meet the Commonwealth Scholars from the University of Gibraltar. As an active part of the Commonwealth network, the scholars will help shape its future.

Judith Glynn Commonwealth Scholar

Judith Glynn

Originally from Canada, Judith is one of the first Commonwealth Scholars with the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG).

Her multistage project aims to:

  • Help identify gamblers who are exhibiting risk in the online environment
  • Intervene in ways that are simple and effective
  • Provide a framework for measuring the effectiveness of this system, and continuously improve it

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Commonwealth Scholar Petros

Petros Dimitriou

After completing an MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change at the University of Gibraltar, Petros is now researching Patella Ferruginea - a species of sea snail - for his PhD. Petrus plans to build on the methodology he developed during his MSc in which he used photographic material and morphometric analysis to identify the two different morphotypes of Patella Ferruginea. His current research seeks to discover whether the morphotypes of these species are being directly affected by their environment and how.

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