University of Mauritius to host new Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship in public health

A new Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, focussing on public health, will be hosted by the University of Mauritius.

Fully-funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) endowment fund, this new scholarship will capitalise on the University of Mauritius’ expertise and provide successful scholars with a rich learning experience, thanks to the Mauritian Government’s commitment to effective public health. 

The University of Mauritius is also hosting this year’s ACU Summer School, which centres on the theme Public health: from a small island nation to the global community – further showcasing the university’s commitment to providing opportunities for the next generation to develop their knowledge and create solutions to global challenges. The successful scholar will begin their studies in July 2019, enabling them to attend and contribute to the summer school.

Dr Joanna Newman, ACU Chief Executive and Secretary General, said: ‘Effective public health management is crucial for maintaining healthy societies. This new Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship will contribute to the sharing of knowledge across the Commonwealth, providing young, talented people with the opportunity to learn from experts at the University of Mauritius and develop ideas to preserve the health of future generations.’

Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius, said: ‘Investing in public health requires a small deposit, but the yield is invaluable – by educating one person, thousands of people are able to experience a better quality of life, guaranteeing a generation with better health. We’re therefore proud to be working with the ACU to offer the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship in public health. Mauritius provides a minefield of inspirational case studies in public health, which when combined with expert coaching at the University of Mauritius, will create the ideal learning environment to form the leaders of tomorrow.’

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The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships support young people to access life-changing opportunities to study for a Master’s at leading ACU member universities in low and middle income countries across the Commonwealth.

The ACU Summer School brings together young people from across the Commonwealth to devise solutions to global challenges, through an innovative multidisciplinary approach. Each year it is hosted by a different ACU member university – last year’s hosts were the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who delivered a programme based around ‘Designing and creating sustainable communities’.

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