Her Majesty The Queen (photo credit: Jacob King/PA Wire/PA Images)

The ACU celebrates The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Published on 01 June 2022

Parties, pageants and parades will take place across the United Kingdom over the next four days as the country marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and a record-breaking 70 years of service to the people of the UK, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty’s longstanding commitment to the Commonwealth has been a steadfast symbol of her reign, during which time over 40,000 young people have been awarded Commonwealth Scholarships to study in the UK, or to study at universities in other Commonwealth countries, including those who have held Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships.

These young people form part of a global alumni cohort who not only hold Commonwealth values close to their hearts, but also use this platform to share their experience and knowledge, develop their networks and – through their inspirational work – make a difference to society, the wider Commonwealth family and beyond.

The ACU is proudly dedicated to building a better world through higher education by advancing knowledge, promoting understanding, broadening minds, and improving lives.

With over 500 member universities in 50 countries across the Commonwealth, and crucially the people who study and work within them, the ACU believes that international collaboration is central to this ambition. We strive to transcend borders, strengthen societies, foster innovation, and lift the lives of people throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, as they adapt to a changing world.

We send Her Majesty our warmest congratulations and offer deep gratitude for 70 years of dedicated service to the UK and the Commonwealth. We are especially grateful for her ACU Patronage, providing 36 years of support for our aims and objectives.