Stronger together: the ACU signs Declaration of Montreal to promote university solidarity

Joanna signing at Montreal Forum 2018

The ACU has become the latest signatory of an important new international agreement in higher education: the Declaration of Montreal.

It brings together the ACU with six other international networks: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF); the International Association of Universities; the Union of Universities of Latin America, the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education; the Association of African Universities; and the Association of Arab Universities.

This is a significant achievement as it demonstrates that all the major international academic institutions representing universities are committed to actively working together across the globe.

AUF and the ACU will work together to represent universities worldwide, through shared projects and concrete actions. This will involve preparing key conferences, including for UNESCO, and representing their members internationally through jointly organised sessions.

The AUF and the ACU have identified several areas of common interest where they can work together for the benefit of their members including (with a specific focus on Africa):

  • Quality of teaching and learning, including tools for teaching, blended learning and training of trainers
  • Gender in higher education, including policies and shared observation of measures and their impact
  • Employability of graduates, including development of short professional courses and how to support universities in this area
  • Sharing of experiences on common subjects
  • Role of universities for peace, dialogue and supporting refugees
  • Addressing questions of sustainable development
  • Management of research and developing young researchers

A priority for the ACU is developing networks to address key challenges for institutions such as climate and resilience and respect and understanding. Through this declaration, these global networks can make common cause to policy makers and government to effect societal change.