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The ACU Review magazine celebrates the extraordinary work of member universities across the Commonwealth and their contribution to the world around them. Each issue explores a different theme, chosen to highlight the value of higher education to society and to reflect the rich diversity and shared challenges that characterise the ACU's global network.

Our latest issue - titled Humanities for a better world – explores how the humanities are helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a global blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and planet. Why do the humanities matter in our collective effort to change the world? What do we miss when we overlook them? And are the goals themselves guilty of sidelining the contribution that the humanities make?

Exploring these questions and more are a group of academics from all over the world, with a collection of articles that draw on the diverse disciplines, perspectives and experiences of their authors.

Introducing this issue, the ACU’s Chief Executive and Secretary General, Joanna Newman, notes:

‘How we make sense of ourselves and a fast-changing world is at the heart of what the humanities do, and this issue shows the many ways in which this work contributes to the world around us. What is clear is that the complex and deeply interconnected nature of the SDGs call for an approach which draws on the expertise, experience and perspectives of the widest range of disciplines, countries and cultures, working together to find solutions to our most profound and pressing challenges. This, too, is among the strengths of the ACU’s unique network of universities around the world and why we are so committed to bringing them together.’

This latest issue is the sixth edition of the magazine, which offers a meeting place for ideas and diverse perspectives from around the world. Published both in print and online, it’s a platform for ACU member universities from across the Commonwealth to share insights and experiences, to experiment with ideas, and spark debate, while allowing a wide international readership to learn from their insights.

Previous editions – all freely available online – have explored how humankind can rethink its relationship with the natural world, how universities are helping to protect, promote and preserve indigenous languages, the art and science of public mental health, and why universities should broaden their intellectual horizons to include a far wider range of perspectives

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