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The ACU Review magazine celebrates the extraordinary work of member universities across the Commonwealth and their contribution to the world around them. Each issue explores a different theme, chosen to highlight the value of higher education to society and to reflect the rich diversity and shared challenges that characterise the ACU's global network.

Our latest issue – titled (Re)thinking nature – explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. How can humankind rethink its relationship with nature? What are the forces that shape society’s attitudes and actions, and how did our relationship with the planet veer so dangerously off the rails?

Exploring these questions and more is a group of academics from all over the world and from disciplines as diverse as ecology, law, and literature. The result is a special and spirited collection of essays and articles from across the Commonwealth – we are confident you won’t read an anthology quite like it anywhere else.

Introducing this latest issue, our Chief Executive and Secretary General, Joanna Newman, notes, ‘Finding solutions to this complex and far-reaching crisis asks that we work together across borders and disciplines, and there can be few places better suited to this than universities. The ACU are vocal champions for the vital role of universities in tackling climate change and safeguarding the planet – not only through teaching, research, and local and global partnerships, but as a vibrant and vital meeting place for ideas; for challenging the status quo and asking: how can we do things differently?’

She adds, ‘The climate crisis calls for action, certainly, but also a shift in thinking. It asks that we unlock our imaginations and experiment with new and old ways of thinking and knowing about the future of our shared, imperilled planet.’

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