Low Cost Journals Scheme

The increasing cost of journals, declining budgets and currency weaknesses have combined to place a large number of international journals beyond the budgets of many universities in developing countries. Many libraries have become marginalised and are failing to meet the needs of students and researchers.

Responding to this situation, in 2002 the ACU launched the Low Cost Journals Scheme (also known as the Protecting the African Library Scheme within Africa) to assist member universities in Commonwealth developing countries to secure access to high quality print copy journals at an affordable price, while still offering some return to publishers.

The Scheme enables libraries to order print copy journals through the ACU, typically at a discount of around 75–80 per cent (25–20 per cent of the original cover price).

Taking part in the scheme

If you are interested in taking part in the scheme, but have not done so previously, please see the details on how to participate. A list of participating publishers offering journals through the scheme is also available.

Electronic journals

Information on discounted or free access to electronic journals is available from INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications).