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Climate Impacts Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE)

Theme: Global challenges

The CIRCLE programme works to strengthen climate change research within sub-Saharan Africa through an innovative dual approach: supporting individual academics to undertake research, while also working with universities to improve their capacity to support and promote quality research.

By doing this, CIRCLE enables African researchers to develop relevant local solutions and improve research uptake, which directly contributes to local, national and regional policy agendas.

CIRCLE was delivered with support from our delivery partners: The African Academy of Sciences, Vitae, and the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich.

This project is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

CIRCLE Visiting Fellowships

The CIRCLE Visiting Fellowships supported early career researchers to spend 12 months at another institution to further develop their research and expertise on the impact of climate change across Africa. Each Fellow was supported by a mentor at their home institution, a supervisor at their host institution and a specialist advisor at a third institution.

Between 2014 - 2017, 100 fellowships were awarded to 39 master’s-qualified researchers and 61 PhD-qualified researchers – with exactly 50% of awards made to female academics.

Fellows research a range of multidisciplinary issues including: water, energy, aquaculture, fisheries and marine biology, agricultural science, environment and forests, rural livelihoods and socioeconomic aspects of agriculture, and other social sciences.

The Fellowships were led by The African Academy of Sciences (AAS). NRI co-ordinated the specialist advisor support function and provided quality assurance for the Fellowships. Vitae provided training on professional development planning for all Fellows.

Institutional Strengthening Programme (ISP)

The Institutional Strengthening Programme (ISP) aims to enhance professional development support for early career academic staff and develop stronger institutional frameworks for supporting research, both in general and with reference to climate change.

The ISP is managed by the ACU in partnership with Vitae and all training is underpinned with Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework ©.

CIRCLE Resources

Vitae and the ACU have gathered learning and achievements made by our participating institutions to develop a series of Good Practice Guides on how to design and deliver your own Institutional Strengthening Programme.

In order to access the Guides, we kindly request institutions to complete a short online survey to help us to evaluate their usefulness and future impact:

Click here to complete the survey to access the Guides.

Programme Reports 

Scientific outputs on climate change are substantial for both female and male academics who participated in the CIRCLE programme, with 90% and 77% of female and male alumni respectively having submitted or published a manuscript.

Further details on the scientific outputs and achievements of CIRCLE Fellows can be found in the CIRCLE Scientific Outputs Report 2020.


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Theme: Global challenges