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ACU Measures

Theme: Strengthening universities

ACU Measures is the ACU’s annual online benchmarking exercise for university management.

ACU Measures is a unique opportunity for member institutions to benchmark their performance in key areas of university management in a confidential and non-competitive way.

We are currently reviewing ACU Measures to ensure that it works in the best way possible for ACU members. The ACU remains committed to strengthening the capacity of all Commonwealth universities and we will share upcoming developments for ACU Measures early in 2021.


ACU Measures helps universities to compare and contrast their practices and policies with their peers, supporting senior university management in decision-making and strategic planning.

ACU Measures enables you to:

  • Benchmark your institution’s performance over time and demonstrate the impact of managerial changes
  • Learn about performance in a given area
  • Define your own comparison groups and produce individual reports, tables, and charts
  • Use the results to make a case for resources, staff, or training
  • Share experiences and good practice with international colleagues
  • Identify which issues are specific to your institution, as opposed to national or regional.

Focus areas

ACU Measures covers four areas: 

  • Institutional profile 
  • Academic salaries and benefits
  • Research management
  • Gender related functions and practices

How to participate in ACU Measures

Please note that the platform will remain closed during the review process. 

If you have any questions about ACU Measures please contact

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Theme: Strengthening universities