Knowledge Exchange Training Programme

The Blue Charter Knowledge Exchange Training Programme is an exciting training opportunity for early-career researchers in the field of marine and ocean science.

Sea turtle swimming to surface

This programme is not running in the 2022-23 academic year but may be available from 2023-24 onwards.

The Blue Charter Knowledge Exchange Training Programme is a bespoke course that aims to help enhance the impact of research dissemination activities undertaken by early-career researchers (ECRs) working in the field of marine science.

By enhancing knowledge exchange and communication skills, the programme will support researchers to better promote best practices, effective interventions and innovative solutions emerging from their area of research.

Researchers may be nominated to enrol in the training. Please read the training programme course overview for details on course content.  

The course is open to researchers who meet the following criteria:

  • The focus of their research must be marine plastic pollution, or a related area


  • Current PhD students
  • Masters' students: current and graduates
  • Researchers up to 10 years post-PhD
  • Researchers who are returning to academic work following a career break

This programme is currently closed.

The Blue Charter Knowledge Exchange Training Programme and Grant Scheme have been developed as part of the second cohort of the Blue Charter Fellowships Programme with funding from Waitrose & Partners.

The programme changed my perspective on how to conduct research for the purpose of knowledge exchange. I was able to understand more on how to conduct research that will have the expected impact, and it has been of enormous benefit to my career.

- Dr Oluwarotimi Olafinnade, Blue Charter alumnus 2019/20