HR in HE Network Grantees 2023

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Sonya Clarkson

Sonya Clarkson

Sonya Clarkson is Executive Director of People and Culture at Leeds Trinity University (LTU). LTU are keen to explore whether artificial intelligence tools can reduce the administrative burden of some HR transactional administration processes.

Sonya applied for an HR in HE Community Challenge Grant to support a pilot to determine whether an artificial intelligence tool provides a viable solution to job evaluation, how it can enhance the process by providing an unbiased consistent input, and if any job evaluation tool can be entered into the AI tool for use by a wider audience.

The project team are very mindful that AI tools are there to provide support, it is ultimately humans who will make the final decision on these recommendations.

Outputs will be documented in a report and shared with ACU members and anticipate it will comment on the potential of AI in speeding up the job evaluation process and eliminating bias. It is also hoped that the report will inspire thinking around the potential to use AI for HR processes, releasing capacity to add value and reduce time spent on transactional administrative activities.