HE and the SDGs Challenge Grantees 2023

Meet our grantees

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Karen Cripps

Dr Karen Cripps

Dr Karen Cripps SFHEA, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University Business School, UK specialises in the Principles of Responsible Management Education. Dr Anupama Rajesh is a Professor at Amity University Business School, India, and specialises in international partnerships. Their project addresses reducing food waste and raising awareness of sustainable behaviours, through a digital student competition (addressing Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 12). This builds on the success of a previous competition that Karen led for PRME UK and Ireland.

Mary Amoako

Dr Mary Amoako

Dr Mary Amoako (nee Adjepong) is a lecturer and registered dietician at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. She specialises in human nutrition and dietetics, focusing on improving diets in vulnerable groups. Dr Amoako applied for this grant to assess the relationship between food security, complementary feeding practices and dietary intake with growth, cognition and vision in Ghanaian infants, because nutrient deficiencies affect their physical and intellectual capabilities. This research aims to tailor food-based interventions in this vulnerable group.

Tony Okeke Uchenna

Dr Tony-Okeke

Dr Tony-Okeke is currently an Associate Professor of Finance and Associate Head of School within the college of Business and Law, Coventry University, UK. He specialises in asset pricing, entrepreneurial finance, curriculum internationalisation and sustainability integration within pedagogy. This project aims to develop a toolkit for integrating sustainability within collaborative projects across international partnerships. The co-investigators are Dr Jaliyyah Bello (Assistant Professor and PRME and Sustainability Lead, Coventry University) and Dr Nikhil Sapre (Lecturer in Finance, University of Bristol).

Rahima Tahir

Rahima Tahir

Rahima Tahir is Manager of Linkages and Outreach at Ziauddin University, Pakistan. Rahima focuses on women’s empowerment and financial inclusion. She sought a grant to launch a financial literacy program in Karachi, addressing gender disparities in financial access. Her initiative harmonises with the SDGs, promoting gender equality and sustainable development. By enhancing financial knowledge among women, Rahima aims to foster economic autonomy and societal progress.