Application guidance 

Commonwealth Climate Resilience Network Grants

Climate Resilience

The application form consists of the following sections: 

  • Eligibility 
  • Project focus 
  • Collaboration 
  • Statements 
  • Project details 
  • Upload supporting documents (including project plan timeline and confirmation of support) 

The statement section is formed of seven statements which applicants need to complete. Each statement response should be 100-300 words in length. 

Plagiarism is not allowed. Applications shown to be plagiarised will not be considered. 

  • Statement 1:Project aims – describe the goals of the initiative. 
  • Statement 2: How will the initiative be developed and delivered? 
  • Statement 3: What is the expected institutional impact after implementation of the initiative? 
  • Statement 4: What outputs will be created and how will these be used? Please note that outputs from each successful applicant will be required to be shareable. Please explain how the project outputs may benefit other network members. 
  • Statement 5: How will the initiative be assessed and success be measured? 
  • Statement 6: Successful applicants will receive a grant of GBP 2,500 in order to support the implementation of the initiative. Please list how the funding will be used. 
  • Statement 7: Please give details of other work you have undertaken in the area of addressing climate resilience.