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Coventry University Fellowships

Theme: Strengthening universities

Coventry University Fellowships are not available in the 2022-23 academic year but may be available from 2023-24 onwards.

Coventry University Fellowships support collaboration at a distance by forging new research partnerships between Coventry University in the UK and ACU member universities in other countries. 

What does the Fellowship include? 

Each Fellow receives a grant of up to GBP 5000. This year, the fellowships were tenable for research linked to the following Coventry University research institutes:

How to apply 

Applicants should first identify and contact a potential collaborator at Coventry University to obtain their consent to the collaboration before submitting an application form online.

More information

To reflect current times, this year’s ACU Fellowships funded virtual collaborations only.

Meet the Fellows

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Professor Kenneth Ikechukwu Ozoemena

Kenneth is a Research Professor of Materials for Energy and Electrochemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa. Prior to joining Wits in 2017, he worked at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as Chief Scientist and Research Group Leader. Passionate about developing clean and affordable energy for the resource-limited communities in Africa, his research interests concern energy storage and conversion. Ken also serves on the editorial board of Electrochemistry Communications (Elsevier), Current Opinion in Electrochemistry (Elsevier), and Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing), and Chief Editor, International Journal of Electrochemistry (Hindawi Publishing).

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Professor Grace Wamue-Ngare

Professor Ngare is the Policy and Advocacy Lead at the recently established Women’s Economic Empowerment Hub (KU-WEE), under the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative on What Works for Women’s Economic Empowerment. She is also leading one of the Hub’s research projects on sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya. Grace is the immediate Director for the Centre for Gender Equity and Empowerment at Kenyatta University (KU). Whilst at KU, Professor Ngare developed an app to respond to sexual and gender-based violence with an ACU Gender Grant. Grace is also supporting a gender strategy in the European Union-LEAP Agri project besides Johns Hopkins University.

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Theme: Strengthening universities