ACU Summer School 2023 FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this year's Summer School, hosted by Stellenbosch University in South Africa.


Will I need a visa to enter South Africa?

Most countries can get a 30-day visa exemption and will not need to apply for a visa prior to arrival. To view a list of exempt countries, please visit the South African Department of Home Affairs website.

Most students who need to get a visa will need to apply for a visitor visa.

To enter South Africa, you will need a valid passport that does not expire for at least 1 month after exiting South Africa.

If in doubt, you should contact your local embassy to find out your own visa requirements for travelling to South Africa.

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa to enter South Africa. Your place on the ACU Summer School will not be extended or deferred if you have not completed the necessary visa and immigration requirements in good time.

Stellenbosch University will be providing all Summer School participants with invitation letters and proof of accommodation letters to support their visa application or for evidence of your visit when entering South Africa.

Will I need to pay visa application fees?

The ACU does not cover the application fees for a visa. If a visa is required, participants need to cover the cost of the visa themselves.

The ACU is also unable to cover the cost of any transit visas required to complete your journey to or from South Africa.

What costs does the funding cover?

The ACU will fund full participation in the programme, including:

  • Accommodation on campus
  • Transport during the Summer School
  • Meals on campus
  • Social activities and excursions
  • Economy return flights for those travelling from outside South Africa and economy return flights for those who require it within South Africa
  • Services available to registered international students at Stellenbosch University

How do I arrange my travel to South Africa?

The ACU will provide you with details on how to arrange your flight to South Africa once you have completed your acceptance form. You must not book flights yourself as you will not receive reimbursement for any booking you make for yourself.

I am already in South Africa, how do I get to Stellenbosch University?

For those studying at Stellenbosch University, we will inform you of the time, date and location to meet for the beginning of the programme and you will be able to make your own way to the campus.

For those based in South Africa studying at a different university, it will depend on your location. Where required, we are able to book internal flights within South Africa for you to arrive in Stellenbosch. Details on how to book your flight will be sent to you on completion of your acceptance form.

We are unable to reimburse costs where students choose to use public transport or drive to Stellenbosch University to attend the Summer School.

Will transport be arranged from the airport in South Africa?

Yes, transport will be arranged for ACU Summer School participants arriving at Cape Town International Airport to take them to Stellenbosch University. At the end of the Summer School, transport will be arranged to take participants from Stellenbosch University to Cape Town International Airport for outgoing flights.

Are there any other students that have been accepted from my home country?

Due to data protection, we cannot provide contact details of participants that may have also been selected from your home country. We will be creating a Facebook group for the ACU Summer School and will share details of ho you can join the group in May 2023. 

What do I need to bring?

We will be sending a suggested packing list to you in the coming months.

I can’t find the answer to my question, how can I contact you?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our ‘Your Journey to the ACU Summer School’ newsletters or on this FAQ page, please email us at