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With the importance to development of higher education and university-based research increasingly gaining recognition, the ACU is convening opportunities for conversation, dialogue and exchange between developing country universities and the funders and other organisations that work with them.

The objective is to enhance mutual understanding of the emerging trends within university research, research management and research funding. We look to explore collectively ways in which funders might be able to support or encourage emerging good practice in the universities they work with and ways in which universities can better support the developmental aims and objectives of the organisations that fund them and that they work with. 

Meetings are open to all funding bodies and other organisations with an interest in strengthening research and research management in developing country institutions, and who might be willing to work in an aligned or collaborative fashion with others in the field. 

Previous events

Funders Forum, Washington DC, 2014

This event (supported by the Wellcome Trust) took place on Wednesday 9 April 2014, immediately prior to the 2014 INORMS congress at the Washington Hilton in Washington DC, USA.

Over the last decade, much progress has already been made in Research Management evidenced in, for example, the creation of Research and Innovation Management Associations, and the increasing proliferation of RM structures within universities. This event looked ahead to some newer horizon challenges, focusing in on aspects of managing research information:

  1. Collating, sharing and communicating profiles of research activity that have been undertaken within an institution and by its academic staff
  2. Moves toward the international standardisation and harmonisation of research information to streamline the sharing of information about research projects
  3. Issues relating to the data revolution, including provisions for preservation, interoperability and open access as well as the implications of using ‘Big Data’

Funders Forum 2014 - Background document
Funders Forum 2014 - Programme
Funders Forum 2014 - Report of discussions and relevant issues

Funders Forum, Cape Town, 2010

This event (supported by the Wellcome Trust) included representatives from fourteen donor and other non-university organisations, and representatives from twelve African universities. 

The seminar discussions showed the willingness of funders and University Research Managers to consider the wider institutional context in which research management takes place.

The focus of this event was ‘Developing and Costing Research Proposals’.

Please see the report summarising the discussions, for more detailed information.

Funders Forum, London, 2009

This event (supported by the Wellcome Trust) aimed to identify ways in which stronger cooperation between funders, could add value to Research Management capacity building efforts. The funders themselves identified potential for collaboration in the following areas: sharing existing knowledge and creating new knowledge; platforms for dialogue; capacity building; and the ability to pool resources.

Representatives from nine donor and other non-university organisations attended this event. 

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