ACU Conference of University Leaders 2016

Ghana 2016

Defining the responsible university: society, impact and growth

Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana, 27-29 July 2016

The ACU Conference of University Leaders is a biennial conference for international leaders in higher education. Hosted in partnership with Vice-Chancellors' Ghana, the 2016 conference provided a platform for senior university staff to debate key issues in higher education and explore shared solutions with a diverse range of international colleagues. It was one of the most high profile higher education events in Africa that year and the ACU's first event in the region since 1971.

The three-day conference engaged members and non-members alike in discussions focussing on the impact of universities on innovation, research and development, civil society, funding and access, employment, and the role and place of government and the corporate sector in building the skilled leaders of tomorrow.

The conference brought together top academics and high-profile speakers to discuss the role universities play in social and economic development, with the aim of helping delegates to better understand, promote and build strong partnerships, and manage change within higher education.

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