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Commonwealth Virtual Exchange: addressing global challenges through intercultural collaboration

Students at selected universities join an eight-week learning programme to develop in-demand employability and leadership skills.

03 Oct - 30 Nov 2022

The Commonwealth Virtual Exchange (CVE)  is designed to help students apply and develop intercultural and entrepreneurial skills to address global challenges.

Staring on 3 October 2022, nearly 50 students from selected universities will take part in an exciting eight-week learning programme to develop in-demand employability and leadership skills.

For the first seven weeks, students will connect online with other students from 10 ACU member universities. In the final week, they will have the opportunity to meet in-person with students from their university. 

International collaboration is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and by bringing students together from around the world, the CVE will provide a space to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Students will not only work together to explore several global challenges linked to the SDGs - including global health and climate change – they will also exercise leadership, team-work and problem-solving skills to come up with an innovative business idea to address a challenge.

The 8-week programme will include:

  • Engaging and challenging group project work
  • Networking opportunities
  • Intercultural sessions
  • Talks by academic experts
  • Development of intercultural competencies and entrepreneurial skills

This is another example of ACU supporting impactful and transformative international opportunities for students across the Commonwealth. 

It’s important for students from across the Commonwealth and beyond to collaborate because through collaboration we can share diverse, cross-cultural knowledge on the important issues affecting humanity globally. We all have our unique experiences, skills, and expertise. These strengths can be realised when we collaborate and work together for the general good of humanity.

- ACU Summer School 2020 delegate.

How were students selected?

Students had to be a current undergraduate student at one of the participating ACU member universities and apply directly to their university for a place on the programme.

The ACU encouraged and supported  participation from a wide range of institutions and groups currently underrepresented in international study opportunities.

The event is multi-disciplinary and there were no academic prerequisites. The programme is designed for those studying fields related to the SDGs, and for students from other fields who are interested in how they can apply their discipline to the themes.

How is the programme funded?

The ACU, with additional sponsorship from the Northern Consortium, has funded students from the participating member universities to take part in the programme. Participants who did not have access to Wi-Fi were able to apply for a grant to fund the data costs needed for them to participate. 

Participating universities

The Commonwealth Virtual Exchange programme is drawing on the expertise of senior specialists from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India, in close collaboration with the other participating universities.

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