Creating Equitable Research Partnerships - ACU Toolkit Launch

An online event showcasing our new collection of research relationship resources.

25 Apr 2023
11:00 UTC

Dial in for an exclusive first look at our new practical toolkit, expertly designed to cultivate equitable higher education research partnerships that function on a fair and level playing field.


Partnerships of all types have become increasingly popular in higher education, especially since the United Nations embraced the notion in its sustainable development agenda. Universities are increasingly expected to conduct research in collaboration with international partners, as well as utilising other types of partnerships. 

Informed by research conducted with a range of equitable research partnership stakeholders and experts, this new ACU toolkit focuses on stimulating critical thinking and dialogue about what equity means and might ‘look like’ in a research partnership, as well as practical actions that can be implemented to enhance equity.

The toolkit builds on the growing body of guidelines and principles, that call for increased equity in research partnerships, but have to date provided little advice on how to translate these principles into actions. 

Launch Event

Learn more about the catalyst for the creation of the toolkit, as well as listening in on summary discussions about who it's for and how and when to use it. We'll also show how to navigate the toolkit and you'll have the chance to put your questions to the team behind the project. 

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