ACU Equitable Research Partnerships Toolkit - Africa Week Workshop

As part of University of Pretoria’s biennial Africa Week, ACU members can take a closer look at one of the most important tools in our new research relationship resource.

22 May 2023
10:00 - 12:00 (SAST) South Africa Standard Time | 09:00 - 11:00 (BST)

Hybrid event


We recently launched our debut Equitable Research Partnerships Toolkit, designed to support the creation and advancement of fairer north-south and south-south research relationships in the higher education research landscape.

Informed by substantial consultation with ACU members and equitable research partnership stakeholders and experts, the end result is a carefully curated selection of practical resources, that universities in all corners of the world can utilise to establish or enhance equity in their research relationships.

The toolkit focuses on stimulating critical thinking and dialogue about what equity means and might ‘look like’ in a research partnership, as well as practical actions that can be implemented to improve this.

Africa Week workshop: Tool 10 - Imagining and
understanding equitable research impact

Equity and impact are both increasingly expected as outcomes of research projects and partnerships. This session introduces a tool which is designed to stimulate critical thinking about the potential impacts of research conducted in partnerships, as well as the equity implications of those impacts.

The session will provide insights for academics already conducting research in global north-south, multidisciplinary or community-academic partnerships, and those who intend to establish research partnerships in the future.

This is a hybrid event. You can attend online or in-person in South Africa.

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Michelle Brear (PhD)

Michelle Brear (PhD) is a participatory health and development research and writing specialist with a PhD in Public Health. She has extensive experience implementing complex mixed-method social science research in low- and middle- income countries, with the aim of understanding how the community contexts in which health and development interventions are implemented, influence participatory processes and their expected and unexpected health and development outcomes. Michelle is co-creator of the ACU Equitable Research Partnerships toolkit.


Pinky N Shabangu

Pinky N Shabangu is an an early childhood educator and researcher who has worked in global north-south programmes and community-academic research partnerships. She started her research career in 2012, as a community- co-researcher and activist, in a participatory health research project in a rural community in Eswatini, South Africa. She has since pursued tertiary studies and worked as a research assistant. Her current research role has enabled her to share her experiences as a community researcher, and the ethics and equity of research partnerships. 

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