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Date: 24/05/2018

The deadline for participating in this year’s benchmarking exercise is Thursday 31 May: submit your university's data now!

What is ACU ...

Date: 10/04/2018

Disparity in pay is a hot topic currently with research highlighting the differences in salary amongst colleagues and peers. Here at the ACU, we conduct the only ongoing survey of academic salaries in Commonwealth countries and integrate ...

Date: 20/10/2017

Today we are happy to share some of the emerging trends coming out of this year’s ACU Measures exercise, providing insights into the changing landscape of university management in the Commonwealth.

ACU Measures is our annual ...

Date: 01/02/2017

Do you want to compare how international your student population is or the education level of your academic staff and how well they are compensated? Would you like to assess sources of institutional income or how successful your university ...

Date: 21/07/2016

The ACU’s annual online benchmarking exercise for university management – ACU Measures – is now open for benchmarking.

Date: 21/05/2015

New material is available on ACU Measures, the ACU’s new online benchmarking service. Users are now able to view and download summary results for three focus areas: academic salaries, research management, and gender.

These ...

Date: 15/01/2015

While 2015 is well underway and we are looking forward to a range of exciting activities, here are just some of the highlights from 2014 for the ACU, its members and its supporters. For more information on what’s happening this year, ...

Date: 01/10/2014

The ACU has launched ACU Measures, a new online service that will enable its members to benchmark their performance in a range of non-academic areas against other institutions across the Commonwealth.