Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships – Feedback

We are unable to provide individual feedback on why an application has been unsuccessful. However, many of the applications received do not pass through to the next stage (and are not eventually selected) due to a few common reasons.

Firstly, a high number of applications are received in comparison to the small number of places available, making the selection process very competitive. Decisions about who receives a scholarship are made on the information provided by applicants in their application form. There are no quotas for people from different countries, ethnicities, or genders.

Secondly, failing to follow the application instructions will result in your application being unsuccessful. The selection committee assesses applications using five key criteria:

  • Academic history/references
  • Academic plan
  • Development impact
  • International network
  • Outreach

For an application to be considered for selection, applicants must ensure that:

  • All sections of the form are completed in full and are written in clear English.
  • Their personal statement is written clearly so that a non-specialist can understand what the aims of the research are and how they will be implemented
  • They clearly outline why they are applying to the courses and institutions listed on their application form. You must tailor these answers to each institution – if you write the same answer for each course/institution or copy and paste text from university websites, then your application will not be considered.
  • They meet all the eligibility requirements for their chosen university course, including having the necessary work experience
  • Two referees are identified and references are provided– references should be detailed and include the content outlined on the application form
  • Include full details about marks/grades gained for particular degrees. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure that full supporting documentation is provided at the time of application, in the form of an official transcript.

We strongly advise all applicants to read all of the instructions and FAQs carefully before starting their application, and then complete all of the questions fully.

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