History of the scheme

The Medical Elective Bursaries are funded from an endowment given to the ACU by the Edward Boyle Memorial Trust, founded in memory of Sir Edward Charles Gurney Boyle.

Sir Edward Boyle (born 1923) entered Parliament in 1950 as member for Handsworth, Birmingham, which he represented for 20 years. During that period, he held several government posts, including that of Minister of Education (1962-1964) in the Macmillan administration. In 1969, he announced his intention not to seek re-election to Parliament and was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds.

He was awarded a life peerage with the title Baron Boyle of Handsworth in 1970 and remained as Vice-Chancellor at Leeds from 1970 until his death in September 1981. He immersed himself in the life of the university and took a keen interest in many events in the city, as well as continuing to hold office at national level.

When Lord Boyle died in September 1981, at the early age of 58, the Edward Boyle Memorial Trust was set up in his memory. The broad aims of the trust were the advancement of education, learning and music – purposes which formed the central theme of Lord Boyle's life. In keeping with these aims, the trustees established various grants, including the medical elective bursaries. These were in operation until 1995, when the Edward Boyle Memorial Trust was wound up. At that time, the trust left an endowment to the ACU so that future medical scholars could continue to benefit.

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