Edward Boyle Medical Elective Bursaries

Massolo Children's Ward

The Edward Boyle Medical Elective Bursaries offer financial support to medical students from the UK wishing to spend an elective period benefitting from practical experience in a low or middle income country within the Commonwealth.

About the bursaries

The bursaries have a maximum value of £500 and may be taken any time between January and August in the elective year. Six bursaries are awarded each year.

The bursaries are intended as a contribution to the student’s travel, subsistence and local costs, and payment will be made directly to the successful candidates.

How to apply

Medical Schools were contacted in September 2017 and invited to seek applications from their students. The deadline for Medical Schools to nominate a candidate to the ACU is Friday 20 October 2017. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of November.

Applicants should obtain the application form from the Dean or Medical Elective Coordinator of their institution and submit the application directly to them. Each institution will then conduct an internal selection process and nominate one candidate to the ACU.