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  • Gender Programme training modules 4-6: Management development for women in higher education, Volume II Tools
  • Part of the ACU Gender Programme training module series. This second volume contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth modules of the series.

    Module 4 'Managing personal and professional roles', by Indira J Parikh (Indian), deals with the multiple roles that women play in society, and the often expressed dilemma of managing all those roles and achieving a balanced life.

    Module 5 'Women and governance in higher education', by Maureen Atkinson and Angela Carryer (both British) highlights the relevance and importance of understanding and participating in university governance and assists women to develop their skills in committee and legislative work.

    Module 6 'Women's studies as a catalyst for the advancement of women in higher education', by Gwendoline Williams and Claudia Harvey (both Caribbean), aims to help create and strengthen a cadre of women leaders who, by their involvement in research, teaching, outreach and advocacy within the university system, will have the capacity to transform the currently male dominated patterns of gender relations within tertiary institutions.
  • Angela Carryer Commonwealth Secretariat Indira J Parikh Ingrid Moses Maureen Atkinson The Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • January 2000
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