Developing the next generation of Nigerian researchers

Developing the next generation of Nigerian researchers

Published on 09 April 2019

Hosted in collaboration with the University of Ibadan from 2-4 April, the latest Developing the Next Generation of Researchers workshop saw 169 Nigerian researchers from 34 institutions come together to hear from rising academic stars on how they are forging ahead in their research careers, network, and make lasting connections.

Delivered by Nigerians for Nigerians, the workshop programme covered the following topics:

  • Professional Development Planning (PDP)
  • Building effective research collaborations
  • Writing for publication
  • Applying for grant funding
  • Mentoring
  • Research uptake
  • The mobile researcher in a global research environment
  • Preparing to be an effective research leader

The programme opened with insightful speeches from Professor Oyeronke Odunola, Director of Research Management, and Professor Emmanuel Ajani, Professor of Wetlands Fisheries Management and Development, from the University of Ibadan.

12 CIRCLE Visiting Fellows delivered the programme sessions, sharing their personal experiences, knowledge, successes, and lessons learnt with participants – inspiring them to take the next step in their research careers.

One of their key messages was to 'think big and start small, but remain focused'. They also stressed the importance of networking and collaborating internationally, and of imparting research for societal impact, while maintaining a work-life balance. They shared advice on how to be a good mentee and a supportive mentor, as well as highlighting the need to be adaptable in these changing times.

Participants also heard inspirational speeches from Dr Ramon-Yusuf, National Universities Commission's Director of Research, Innovation, and IT, and Professor Idowu Olayinka, the University of Ibadan's Vice Chancellor and ACU Council member.

Dr Angela Abasilim, a participant from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, said: 'This workshop not only explained how I can conduct research, it also explained all the benefits, competencies, and the nitty gritty of being a mobile researcher... It even explained how to balance work and family life.'

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