Supporting university administrative staff to lead change

Supporting university administrative staff to lead change

Published on 02 July 2018

The ACU Course in University Administrative Practice aims to provide administrative staff with tools to implement projects that benefit students at their home institutions. Last year, delegates from universities in Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, and Sierra Leone met at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, between 14 and 18 August 2017 to develop these skills. /p>

Within the 2017 cohort, there are many examples of delegates going on to successfully implement projects within their home institutions – for example, we have seen the development of a website (and an Android compatible app) that provides easy and adaptive access to information on scholarships, research funding, and other development opportunities for postgraduate students.

Success stories

Ismail Musa from the University of Ibadan, Brima Bah from the University of Sierra Leone, and Evelyn Asiedu Coffie and Esther Ayine from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) reflect on their experiences. 

Brima Bah said, ‘the rationale of our project was to significantly increase the number of students registering within the stipulated time by relieving them of the stress of undergoing a rather protracted student registration process.

‘On 16 November, 2017, the first workshop was organized students. It encompassed the introduction of the team and the project, the sharing of individual experiences with registration and their registration status, the presentation of the slides, and the sharing of personal experiences by a former student who is a national service person.’

The project was certainly a success, with a total of 133 Year 1 students completing the registration process by 2 February, 2018.

‘What this result tells us,’ Brima explained, ‘is that we can indeed establish and adhere to a timeline for students’ registration.’

Approximately 76% of students who completed a feedback survey revealed that the workshop improved their understanding of the importance of student registration.

Overall, the Administrative Practice course was a success. Not only has it led to participants implementing structures that have benefited students, it has also provided the participants with a valuable learning experience. 

Esther Ayine from GIMPA said, ‘the encouragement, advice and contribution from our Mentor, colleagues, staff, students and lecturers urged me on.’

Ismail Musa, who worked on the website and Android app, said, ‘the project has spurred my interest in a field I never imagined I would explore. I now have better understanding of the use and manipulation of the web.’ 

Evelyn Asiedu Coffie said, ‘I am thankful to the facilitators Dr Ian Willis and Dr Brian Jenning for their valuable feedback and encouragement in pulling the project off, and help with preparing the final report. My appreciation also goes to Evelina and Aileen at the ACU office for their support.’

More information 

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The ACU Course in University Administrative Practice ran between June and December 2017, with participants attending a face-to-face workshop at the University of Ibadan in August.