Academic salaries across the Commonwealth

Academic salaries across the Commonwealth

Published on 10 April 2018

Disparity in pay is a hot topic currently with research highlighting the differences in salary amongst colleagues and peers. Here at the ACU, we conduct the only ongoing survey of academic salaries in Commonwealth countries and integrate it with our online benchmarking service – ACU Measures – to provide valuable insights and comparisons across institutions.

A few findings:

  1. Australian overall average salaries are the highest compared to other countries in the survey, using the market exchange rate.
  2. South African institutions offer the highest overall average salaries compared to other countries in the survey when cost of living is taken into account.
  3. The largest gap between female and male academic salaries is found at the Professorial job level in African institutions, where female Professors’ average (mean) salary is 92% of the male salary.

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Member institutions have the opportunity to delve deeper into the data with ACU Measures, and to make their own comparisons. Find out more about ACU Measures and take part in the 2018 benchmarking exercise. 

Source: ACU Measures 2017 Salaries and Benefits survey