Past programmes and topics

Past programmes

Past topics

F1 Policy and strategy
F2 Human resources
F3 Non-academic needs of students
F4 External impact
F5 Management of research
F6 Financial management
F7 Management of teaching and learning
F8 Resource allocation
F9 Management information systems
F10 Estates and facilities
F11 Library and information services
F12 Student administration
F13 Internationalisation
F14 Human resources and staff development (previously examined as F2)
F15 Managing the delivery of IT
F16 Research management (previously examined as F5)
F17 Commercialisation of activities

F201 Strategic planning (previously examined as F1)
F202 Financial management (previously examined as F6)
F203 Learning resources (previously examined as F11)
F204 Leadership and governance
F205 Risk management
F206 Student experience
F207 Leadership development
F208 Strategic alliances
F209 Change management
F210 Engagement with community and region
F211 Multi-campus management
F212 Commercialisation (previously examined as F17)
F213 Strategic planning (previously examined as F201)
F214 Recruitment and retention of key staff
F215 Branding
F216 Developing management capacity
F217 Resource allocation
F218 Development funding
F219 Managing government interventions
F220 Widening participation
F221 Estates and facilities management
F222 Leadership and governance (previously examined as F204)
F223 e-learning
F224 Internationalisation
F225 Risk management (previously examined as F205)
F226 Management of learning resources (previously examined as F203)
F227 Managing sustainability
F228 Strategic alliances (previously examined as F208)
F229 Student experience (previously examined as F206)
F230 Management of IT
F231 Managing the university of the future
F232 Branding and marketing (previously examined as F215)
F233 HR management (previously examined as F14)
F234 Financial management (previously examined as F202)
F235 Managing league tables and rankings
F236 Managing graduate outcomes
F237 Strategic planning and management (previously examined as F213)
F238 Estates and facilities management (previously examined as F221)
F239 Commercialisation (previously examined as F212)
F240 Ethical governance
F241 Quality management
F242 Student support
F243 Managing in a political context
F244 Financial management (previously examined as F234)
F245 IT governance
F246 Branding and marketing
F247 Students as co-creators
F248 Alumni and development funding
F249 Research management
F250 Financial management
F251 Managing human resources (within a cultural change agenda)
F252 Estates and facilities (sustainability)
F253 Student experience
F254 International strategic alliances


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