Preparing for the future


The face-to-face workshop will be hosted by Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya, from 26-28 August 2019. If required, a second cohort workshop will be held in October 2019, at a venue to be determined.


Every year, three themes are evaluated. Participants can choose to evaluate all the topics or just the ones they feel are most relevant to them. This year's themes are:

  • F255 Strategic planning and management

Governance structures and effectiveness, preparing for the future, clarifying overall strategy, delivering operational plans to match the strategy.

Assessor: Phyllis Clark is currently Chair of the Royal Canadian Mint, but was formerly Vice President Finance and Administration at the University of Alberta in Canada.

  • F256 Management of information technology (IT)

Preparing for (and anticipating) the future, policy decisions, whether to lead or follow technological advances, impact on learning processes (and students and staff), training for use, reviewing effectiveness.

Assessor: TBA

  • F257 Managing public relations (PR)

Managing PR in an age of social media, reputation management, managing the effect of league tables etc., policies and practice.

Assessor: Di Burton FCIPR FCIPD is an international strategic communication consultant. She works with the UK Government Communication Service, the European Commission, and advises a number of UK universities on their communication strategies.

Please note that the first phase of the programme (see 'how it works') takes place between January and April 2019, so participants are encouraged to apply before the end of April. Late applications will be considered.

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