2018 Programme


The face-to-face workshop will be from 27-29 August 2018 in Toronto, Canada, hosted by York University. If required, a second cohort workshop will be held in October 2018, at a venue to be determined.


Every year, three themes are evaluated. For the 2018 Programme, participants can choose to evaluate all the topics below or just the ones they feel are most relevant to them.

  • F252 Estates and facilities (sustainability) 

    The theme of estates and facilities should encompass the main elements of the activity at an institutional level, and will focus on sustainability. We will examine the strategic implications for developing the university estate to meet future needs, whilst maximising sustainability. It will take into account changing learning styles, on-campus/off-campus mix, impact of technology on learning and on building/plant management. It will highlight the steps management can take to prepare for future needs. 

    Assessor: Sue Holmes, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, Oxford Brookes University, and former Chair of the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) in the UK.

  • F253 Student experience

    This topic will look at the whole range of factors affecting student experience at a university. It will address issues related to academic learning, and the support available for students. It will cover social, sporting and cultural offerings, and examine the extent of student engagement with university life. It will also explore the extent of student engagement with external community (local, regional and international) issues, and will assess the value and impact of student feedback in affecting future provision for students.

    Assessor: Dr Geoff Scott, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor (Quality) and Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, Western Sydney University, Australia.

  • F254 International strategic alliances

    This topic will explore the range of university activity and efforts in developing international partnerships and collaborations. It will look at issues of institutional reputational risk, and how these are managed, as well as how the strategy is determined within the university. In particular, it will look at both good and bad examples of internationalisation, and distil what lessons can be derived from these, to help participants evolve their own strategic plans for the future.

    Assessor: Dr Ian Rowlands, Associate Vice-President, Head of Waterloo International, University of Waterloo, Canada.

How to apply?

To apply, download this form and return it to strategic@acu.ac.uk as soon as possible.

Please note that the first phase of the programme (see methodology) takes place between January and April 2018, so participants are encouraged to apply before the end of April. Late applications will be considered.

For enquiries, contact Cliff Wragg at strategic@acu.ac.uk


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