Policy networks

ACU policy networks focus on key issues for higher education – including climate change, sustainable development, and peace and reconciliation.

Convening member universities from all regions of the Commonwealth, these networks boost collaboration between universities, focussing primarily on research, teaching and learning, and institutional reform, as well as developing programmes and interventions to support Commonwealth countries in their progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benefits to network membership

  • Networking with a diverse range of peers and potential partners from across the ACU's membership
  • Opportunities for collaboration and exchange of knowledge in research, teaching and learning, and institutional practice
  • Support from the ACU for student and staff mobility between network members
  • Opportunities to develop collaborative projects (bi-lateral and multi-lateral, including consortia bids with a role for the ACU)
  • Support from the ACU in identifying potential funding sources and in preparing funding proposals where appropriate
  • Use of ACU networks to extend impact and uptake of research and collaboration

Climate Resilience Network

Formed at the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers – held in Fiji in February 2018 – the Climate Resilience Network supports universities to develop resilience to climate change both within their institution and their communities. 

Peace and Reconciliation Network

Higher education institutions have a critical role to play in addressing historical injustices. This network will provide a forum and space for universities to share knowledge, research and best practice in the fields of truth, justice, peace and reconciliation.