ACU Measures – Salaries

Since 1997, the ACU has provided the only ongoing international analysis of comparative salary data and related conditions for academic staff. At a time of increasing staff mobility and internationalisation of university faculty, access to comparative data on salaries and benefits has never been more important as these are key factors in institutions' ability to successfully recruit and retain good quality staff.

This unique survey series provides useful information for staff as well as policymakers at ACU member institutions.

Since 2014, data on academic, clinical, and research salaries is collected using ACU Measures, our new online survey and benchmarking tool.

To access the data, please click the 'Launch ACU Measures' button below.

Access to executive summaries and full reports

Full reports and/or executive summaries for the series are available to all members for the years 1998 through to 2012-2013. 

From 2014-2015, the ACU will no longer produce full reports from the salary and benefits data. Participating universities will be able to access the data via the ACU Measures site, where they can create their own graphs, tables and reports.

NB: Full reports can only be accessed by ACU members.

2012-2013 Executive summary (.pdf) This report will be available
to participating universities. 
2009-2010 Executive summary (.pdf) Report (.pdf)
2006-2007 Executive summary (.pdf) Report (.pdf)
2004-2005 Executive summary (.pdf) Report (.pdf)
2001-2002 N/A Report (.pdf)
2000-2001 N/A Report (.pdf)
1998-1999 N/A Report (.pdf)