Insights 8 - April 2015


ACU Insights #8 - April 2015

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Putting research into policy and policy into practice

This article explores the latest developments within the DRUSSA programme, tasked with supporting African universities to put their research into use. Building on its extensive work on institutionalising research uptake, the programme has expanded to work with governments and policy makers and facilitate their links with universities and researchers. Read more

Promoting women at the heart of university leadership

While there is a vast array of disheartening statistics about women in leadership, the ACU gender programme, now in its 30th year, continues to advocate for change in the higher education sector. Much progress has been made, but a great deal is still to be achieved. With a number of recent and upcoming events, Insights examines some of the latest developments. Read more

Supporting early career researchers matters

Much is made of the need to expand higher education in Africa but there is very little corresponding focus on nurturing and supporting the academic talent needed to underpin the sector. Cultivating and retaining high quality, research active staff must be a priority for African universities and central to any discussions around strengthening continent-wide HE provision. This article looks at two current initiatives aimed at supporting African early career researchers and their institutions. Read more



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