ACU Insights #3 - December 2012

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Aren't we more than our rankings?

You can’t measure what you don’t count, goes the old adage.  Rankings and benchmarking exercises abound in higher education, but in a world with hundreds of measurements, isn’t it time that institutions went beyond their rankings? The simple question posed to delegates at the ACU’s recent Executive Heads conference: ‘do university rankings and benchmarking really matter?’ perhaps unsurprisingly didn’t meet a straightforward answer. 

Development and independence - higher education in small island states

The contribution that a university makes to national development is routinely cited when justifying higher education and international aid programmes alike. How does this argument apply when a university has a significant regional remit, and where distinctions between developing and developed countries are less certain? The University of the South Pacific is a powerful example which runs counter to prevailing orthodoxies, raising questions about dependence and interdependency.

Open access- transformative and disruptive

A year ago open access was something of a fringe concern, promoted by passionate researchers and librarians, and by some funders and publishers, but largely neglected by many involved in higher education. The publication of a series of major reports and policy guidelines have rapidly brought it to the attention of a much wider constituency.  Positions shift quickly, as new questions arise, and new implications begin to emerge, but much is still uncertain.

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