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Climate Justice

Stories from the Climate Research Cohort

Broadly speaking, the concept of climate justice recognises climate change as much more than an environmental issue - it's a far-reaching crisis with economic, social, health, and mobility implications for people around the world. 

The growing focus on climate justice brings hope: by applying a human rights lens to the climate crisis, we can work towards climate solutions which reduces inequalities between men and women, rich and poor, and older and younger generations. In this theme, members of the Climate Research Cohort bring their unique perspectives on climate justice from five countries and fields of expertise.

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'The time to act is now': a former G77 negotiator on COP26

By Dr Paulette Bynoe, University of Guyana 

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Paulette Bynoe

Let us be reminded of that old saying from Lester Brown: we have not inherited the earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children. The time to act is now.

- Dr Paulette Bynoe, University of Guyana

Stories from the Climate Research Cohort

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