Jasbir K S Singh (2008) Whispers of Change: Female Staff Numbers in Commonwealth Universities.

This publication is the third in a series of reports (1998, 2003, 2008) which draw on the gender disaggregated data collected by the ACU to demonstrate the degree of change (for better or worse) in the gender balance in the leadership of, and in a broad range of senior academic and administrative positions in, Commonwealth universities. Published with the support of a grant from The Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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Jasbir K S Singh (2003) Still a Single Sex Profession: Female Staff Numbers in Commonwealth Universities.

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Jasbir K S Singh (2002) Women and Management in Higher Education: a good practice handbook, UNESCO.

This handbook brings together examples of international, regional, national, institutional and classroom strategies and practices which strengthen the access and participation of women in leadership roles not only in higher education but also in society as a whole. Areas of special interest are: women's access at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; women's participation in academia; women's participation at higher levels of management and key decision-making bodies within universities; inclusion of women's perspectives in the curriculum and pedagogy of higher education institutions; the role women academics have played in changing the community and in the wider community.

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