Building gender mainstreaming capacity of university faculty and staff in Sri Lanka

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka and the ACU signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2015 to cooperate on a gender equity and equality project to build capacity in state universities in Sri Lanka. The objectives of the project, running from 2016-2018, are to:

  • develop a core team of gender mainstreaming experts from Sri Lankan state universities,
  • make available expertise on gender equity/equality for related curricula reform and training, and
  • promote the institution of gender equitable and equal institutional policies, mechanisms, and organisational practices in Sri Lankan state universities.

The project established a Group of Gender Experts in all Sri Lankan universities. The UGC and the universities can now utilise the expertise of the Core Group of Experts to support gender-mainstreaming processes at institutional levels.

One of the early outcomes of the project is the establishment of a Centre for Gender Equity/Equality by the UGC. The goal of the Centre is to promote gender equity and equality in Sri Lankan universities by facilitating the establishment of gender-sensitive university cultures and university environments which allow students and university staff (academic, administrative, support) to pursue their work without oppression and discrimination.

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